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Use of Videos in Medical Education CenMED workshop on May 24th, 2017

Message to participants:

"Thank you for signing up for the "Use of videos in medical education" workshop at CenMED, NUS. We strongly encourage you to complete the pre-workshop reading and assignment below before the workshop. This will give you background knowledge, and a foundation to build on during the workshop, and enable you to engage in the workshop discussion and interactive activities to a greater degree. The idea is to start to build a theoretical understanding before the workshop, to enable you to use your time in the workshop to clarify and reinforce basic concepts, and to develop further skill in thinking about, evaluating and making use videos in medical education. 

Your participation in the workshop activities will embody and illustrate many of the ideas and educational principles underlying the flipped classroom practice. Specifically, you should plan to undertake approximately 3 hours of preparation at home before the workshop. We encourage you to begin you workshop preparation early. This will include reading the few recommended articles (see section below after the Padlet wall), summarising the take home points and posting this, together with a teaching project where you hope to use videos in medical education, on the workshop Padlet wall below, before the workshop (this is an interactive digital wall, which is on a private space on, and is not searchable on Google - you are able to write, edit and delete your own posts, without needing to login (by just double clicking or double tapping on the Padlet wall, or clicking the circled red + button bottom right of the Padlet wall), as long as you use the same mobile or desktop device; even though this platform works with all mobile and desktop devices, you will probably find using a laptop/workstation or tablet the easiest way to write and edit your posts on this website. You might also op to use initials, and omit specifying your institutional affiliation, in order to further anonymise your Padlet posts, as this workshop blog is available for open access). 

By undertaking pre-workshop preparation, actively writing down your reflection on this pre-workshop preparation, as well as starting to think about and write down a draft proposal on how you intend or plan to use videos in your educational activities, and posting this on the Padlet wall before the workshop, will put you in a much better position to take advantage of the activities during the workshop to add to your thinking, and develop your educational plans and proposals further during, and after the workshop. There is also a better opportunity for specific feedback to be given to you.

Please bring along to the workshop the same WiFi enabled mobile device, tablet or laptop that you have used to post on the Padlet wall. This will enable you to continue to refine, and add to your post on the Padlet wall. I have organised the Padlet posts so that the latest entry is always at the top. This will enable you to find your earlier post by scrolling down. You can interact with the Padlet website directly on the blog, or by going to the Padlet link immediately below the embedded Padlet webpage below.

Please also complete the short email survey (by replying INDIVIDUALLY to our email to you) at least ONE WEEK before the workshop, to give us an idea of your teaching background and what you hope to get out of the workshop. This will enable us to customise the workshop to your educational needs."

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(you can choose to post directly on the embedded Padlet wall, or open the Padlet wall as a separate website by clicking on the link above)  

Pre-reading and pre-workshop assignment:

To Play or Not To Play: Leveraging Video in Medical Education (J Grad Med Educ, 2013)

Use of online clinical videos for clinical skills training for medical students: benefits and challenges (BMC Medical Education, 2014)

(Please read [above] the articles above on using videos in medical education. Please write a short 250 word maximum personal reaction, and post this on the Padlet wall above, together with a brief description of your teaching experience, current teaching responsibilities, and a short 250 word maximum proposal of how you intend to use videos in your teaching setting. You should complete this assignment before you come to the workshop. We will be developing your proposal further during the workshop.
Please feel free to explore the other online resources on this workshop blog. This blog will be the main platform for presenting and reviewing the educational content we will be covering during the workshop.)

Workshop program:

1.30pm   Review pre-workshop background reading (articles and websites), survey responses, Padlet wall posts (participant teaching experience, setting, current or intended use of videos in their educational practice, short abstract of planned use of videos in education project).

Presentation of basic principles of video use and production, with elaboration of examples shared with participants earlier online (pre-workshop activity).
(see examples of video use on last year's workshop blog link above)

See also

Google search for "making videos tips pdf"

Google search for "the filmmaker's eye pdf"

Google search for "shooting video camera shot angles and movements"

Google search for "shooting video camera shot angles and movements pdf"

Google search for "shooting video composition"

Google search for "shooting video lighting"

Google search for "shooting video storyboard"

Google search for "shooting video storyboard template"

3.00pm   Coffee/Tea Break

3.30pm   Group work with participants developing selected education video projects further, followed by selected project proposal presentations for feedback and further discussion.

5.00pm    End of workshop

Pre-workshop survey question - Tell us what you hope to learn from this workshop?

"To learn how to create an effective learning video and also when is video most appropriate to be used as a learning tool. How do medical students learn from video? do these videos need to be complimented with other training materials?"

"Ways of using videos during my tutorials."

"Hope to learn tips on when and how to use videos effectively in teaching and learning activities. Also some handles on how to evaluate responses in a measurable manner."

"- how to best integrate a video to enhance rather than to replace / confuse / distract from a lecture
- best methods in creating a video for educations purposes"

"Hope to learn how make effective and creative videos that can help students understand and remember better."

 "I hope this workshop would help me how to use videos in medical education properly and effectively."

"How to produce a good educational video."

"I hope to learn to use video to teach my nurses and department a new skill/service involving high risk inter-facility patient transfer (because it is not feasible to arrange a moving ambulance for each and every person)
perhaps improve the options and interactivity for them."

"From this workshop, I think I will get the idea of effectiveness of the videos on teaching especially related to medical education and how to create high quality short videos for teaching."

"As I am from the Admin Team, it would be good to learn how the use of videos can value add to the teaching so that the next round that we coordinate a filming session, we can better guide the SP/s and the videographer on how best to carry out the videotaking e.g. blocking, writing of the script, setting up the venue etc. Also, would be best that we explore the full use of videos in helping our tutors achieve part of the learning objectives during the posting of the students here in TTSH."

"I am currently creating a question bank of MCQs in Geriatric/Internal Medicine and would appreciate tips/advice in using videos. I wish to understand the various ways of using it effectively as a tool for medical education and also to impart information to patients—in a ward setting."

"Novel and effective ways of leveraging on video as teaching tools."

"Learning how to make and play clips better."

"Hope to learn how to create and  use video for teaching and learning."

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